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Urgent need if ♦ if denial of registration applicable to refuse to register and there is imminent danger to body and property, etc..
(1) nicknames include discrimination, defamatory, or obscene language (2) if warning of restricted access on the Bulletin Board in the past (3) if deemed inappropriate by the company and other ♦ for the unregistering members through methods prescribed by this Web site at any time register of lifting will be carried out. ♦ protected area A (1) obvious slander, discriminatory, contrary to public order and morals wrote a violent writing and (2) writing (3) placement to the illegal traders, solicitation, promotion, publicity site promotional writing (reference links are not included) (4) personally identifiable information (5) write (6) illegal act of inducement , Or instigates to write write pointless pretended to someone else’s name, bring malicious write intimidation and receive obviously write (7) (8) (9) (a sequence of characters) confuse people by false rumors or bogus total (10) (11) Acts annoyed do people many times to write similar could inflict pain on people creating or using a fictional writing (a vicious story) (12) write their email addresses and phone numbers written (except administrator allows) (13) (14) Any bulletin board chat write to encourage certain legal arrangements and lawsuit (15) (16) and other administrators by correctly deemed inappropriate things ♦ prohibited matters B (1) coercive, aggressive, intimidating wrote, (2) defamatory, discriminatory, violent close write (3) Write (7) to determine the possibility to develop into the fray multiply the wheel-less followed by criticism and slander written (4) (5) (6) write about the situation of the Board and management not common to everyone, write things pirates closer (doubtful) wrote the Agency, solicitation, promotion, advertising (8) Create a thread writes only to repeating other people’s opinions (9) exceeding the objectives of each Board (10) tangible evidence not speculation or write remarkably lacks propriety be considered block writes and writes to ‘vote’ talk (11) bad respondents write (12) (HN call / GAL characters, etc.) (13) the violation of prohibitions may write to taunt others misleading, writing (14) under what conditions people can borrow and feasibility (15) information exchange write * prohibited matters A violation “delete” with “unsubscribe” “provider notification.”
Criminal prosecution and legal charges “of made one.