Review why talent and politicians more than civil servants

This page last updated on 12/1/2014 is to handle this page, why lenders caching when the Government officials most acclaimed career explains why.
More celebrities and athletes, I’m surprised more speaking than politicians are public servants examination rank high when I asked not.
I think this page would be read comfortably as. Why do civil servants evaluated showbiz celebrities?
Caching examination, known as the scoring system by ranked detailed occupations.
Some profession by employer size and length of service, including different scores (scores), but the starting position will be decided.
It seems you have team team speaking at a sports tournament, first-round win their way through can’t and should not, while the unseeded No. 1 seeds, a no. 2 seed, and so on.
There are principles to earn playing rights in caching, that is to receive the highest rating.
What it is is that “people expected revenue stable in the long term, not necessarily the people with higher incomes, but is highly valued”.
Important point is part of a stable long term.
Think based on this principle, self-employed workers who are more than private sector workers public servants examination on than that.
Self-employed earnings that people can’t believe we were employees of major companies, all from their own wealth and high incomes, but that of civil servants rating higher than you may have.
However, the fact, consumer finance companies have positioned customers top civil servants.
It is why, but sees in terms of a stable long term.
? Why so much favored public servants specifically, and the first is the risk of a bankruptcy officials.
Because it is public bankruptcy = national bankruptcy.
Low possibility of restructuring.
Others argue such as the constant reduction of the civil service and private companies in bold cuts is unlikely.
It is not significantly pay down.
It decreases salaries much lower tax revenues in the country also decreased.
If the private sector is a kind of bonus cuts that calm I’ll have.
Point of view favoring the qualities of the civil service, in addition to the stability of these consumer loans.

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