Insurance (national health insurance) pay for consumer finance in caching

And Satomi caching experiences is using caching: ACOM age: 33-year-old gender: female employment unemployed (the restructuring the carrier worked for 4 years just did) seniority: salary: salary 0 (previous year 2400000) 10,000 yen third-party debt financing: no financial accident record of the past: none at that time I saw restructuring in the trucking company had worked for four years
Became suddenly to life income and to retire the company’s a nice round at the end of it.
Not be adopted hard cutting into employment insurance and savings, and managed to live with Peso was looking for new jobs, but without conditions such as the company’s previous work due to the recession, slightly lowering the standards of demanding continued.
I was surprised at the notification of national health insurance came to house one day, a new year.
It is because it was out of money right now, cost of living increase burden of fees.
You know for those not easily described, insurance premium is calculated depending on the income of the previous year.
For example, if you worked until the end of the year, had been paying premiums to 20000 Yen next year unemployed income even 20000 Yen insurance bill comes in. Don’t pay to what I was knowing that there is reduction or exemption system is never truncated no more is the cost of living and…
And suffering and ACOM was suddenly on the commuter route to the former workplace drones contract came up in my mind. And no worries seen the face if you can go to the store, maybe fun.
We decided to go to contract and the plunge.
Check in advance on the Internet provides what you need, I went.
Make sure that no one dressed as inconspicuous as possible, know to from coursejet.
And advise without knowing what to do, they look around and sit in a woman’s voice, location and description of the process.
Things that I’d like to show the identification card I write papers according to the instructions, life is tough for spoke honestly.
Woman cannot of course be wearing, but always gentle tone, consumer finance is variously explained to me was the first time.
Screening is safe and able to borrow from the ACOM 100000 Yen in the day, the end.
With this can I pay premiums for a few minutes.
While steeped in guilt must go back used is of course debt and finally put that arrived at home.
Desperately looking for work from it and finally found new job six months later.

プロミス 宮崎