J.Score(hobbyist) of the examination process and how to apply AI score lending | card featured comparison

When comparing loans, focusing on points such as the following as a condition, that you may require.
It is important to choose a card whether or not payment and repayment period meets your repayment plan whether or not is whether or not the interest rates and fees are cheaper borrowing would amount to the above conditions as a point to suit your needs. So, for each point, how to make and hopefully good?
Take a look.
1. whether or not whether or not the interest rates and fees are cheaper in choosing the company loans cheap interest rates and fees as one of the most important points include:
Before using the card, or wanting to suppress it as cheaply as possible fees and interest rates would depend on user’s real intention is not.
Especially to massive long-term borrowing to pay off is because it takes some time, will increase the interest rate burden.
Compares the low-interest loans as much as possible to reduce the burden of those, you want to pick me.
So comparing repayments and interest rates for commercial loans-minimum repayments and interest rate comparison chart about interest rates and minimum payment amount, please see here. Company hard to lower interest rates?
About the interest rates on loans, enacted wage law amended in 6/2010.
Maximum interest rate at that time was 29.2 percent, “depending on the amount of debt 15% to 20%, in was reduced.
Interest rates of 20% or more is illegal with current.
Basically most card companies will present the interest rate by less than 20%.
If the note was presented more than 20% will be that unscrupulous traders.
Also, think each card company wants to earn good customer and would repay the money.
As a result, has lowered its interest has tightened screening tends to be the trend.
That, and when you sign up for the card, each card company registration criteria and compared the interest.
2. whether or not able to borrow the amount you would like yourself when choosing a card company whether or not the desired amount to borrowing that can be very important it becomes.
Keep in mind that the maximum borrowing limit is not necessarily actually be borrowing money is not good.As a result, can borrow much of that depends on who is.
About the “total control” is to put head to borrow let me know about the total pollutant load control.
Total pollutant load control is a debt would prohibit borrowing over 1/3 of the salary system.
Legal restrictions on bank loans, just different, so total countries.
Slow screening, consumer credit card loans compared to bank loans, and anecdotes, to said.
But increasing bank loans can be financed on the same day if you have account in recent times, as the relatively easy borrowing also seems to be.
Please watch out when it comes to say that “banking system” is also a bit confusing, consumer finance loans, will be eligible for the total pollutant load control.
Whether total regulated by law, the amount of borrowing also differ.
To sign up on the total pollutant load control understanding and greater borrowing would amount to.
3. If using the card payment and repayment period meets your repayment plan whether or not people varies depending on method of repayment or repayment period.
When to choose the loans, whether that payment and the loan meets your repayment plan becomes very important.
For example, speaking on how to repay the principal and interest equal payment method, principal equal repayment schemes, installment, revolving credit, balance slide revolving system, such as a wide variety of payment.
It is important to compare loans against such payment method and your repayment plan to use.
Let’s not forget also that interest in the amount we pay or not included, such as to make sure that.
Repayment period is determined by the debit of different debit payments on time.
Than planned say from no limit was reached after borrowing once again taking borrowing and repayment period will extend period further.
Postponed what would happen if extending the repayment period and the interest of many to pay will be impossible.
Of course during the repayment period is important can not so properly checking for payment and repayment period, on increased spending.プロミス 岩見沢