I said to the top two leading consumer finance ACOM and promise of | Consumer finance featured popular 2017 the latest edition

The popular comparison consumer finance said the top two leading consumer finance and ACOM and promise are many financial companies from major in wildlife, especially the many is ACOM and promise.
At ACOM and promise both said and the top two in the leading consumer finance to choose either of the two companies.
So we will see what difference comes ACOM and promise to be compared in various parts.
-Loan speed is almost even ACOM and promise better loan speed characterized by both application from at least one time to borrow money.
About how to apply almost identical because both application in the drones deal, the Internet has become mainstream.
Compare with the speed the loan and ACOM and promise are very evenly matched.
-Set the maximum interest rate is to make sure to sign up because the maximum interest rate setting that promise better consumer finance from major in wildlife interest rates higher is set at.
Consumer maximum interest rate to 18% are configured and figures similar to other consumer loans is set to 18%.
However promise maximum interest rate is set at 17.8 percent as consumer loans other than 0.2 percent lower.
Influences by 0.2% and also looks not much different and only 0.2%, but increase the length of the maximum interest rate settings are a little low on the merits.
Comparing with the setting of the maximum interest rate is better promise.
-Maximum credit limit setting is better of ACOM consumer finance sign up to complete the contract and determines the amount.
Limit on the amount you can borrow money.
So when comparing the maximal amount of ACOM and promise are ACOM, promise is 5 million yen 8 million yen.
Maximum amount of ACOM is better, but consumer finance has become too subject to total control so being income limits.
Low income people even differ in the maximum amount too much influence.
-Interest-free service to provide people to use for the first time for 30-day interest-free service promise and ACOM have better promise.
Application start time can vary in both 30-day so looks the same, but caution is required.
ACOM is from the day after the contract for 30 days without interest promise from the day after the loan interest-free.プロミス 前橋